Apparently nature decided to make coconut good at everything, literally everything.

You can eat it, and use it for a host of health and beauty applications.

Coconut also produces MCT oil, a workhorse in the Wild pantry with a multitude of uses.

25 Uses For Coconut Oil

1. Moisturizer – Coconut oil is great for your skin. Experiment with how much and where to apply. It can be pretty greasy so make sure you use a little to start. It improves nearly anything skin related.

2. Stretch marks – It helps prevent and minimize stretch marks… apparently. Worth a shot still.

3. In your coffee – I use MCT oil for this which is a purified form of coconut oil but if you don’t mind a strong coconut taste, coconut oil can work as well.

4. Smoothies – One of the issues with smoothies is the lack of fat and an overload of carbs and protein. Enter coconut oil (and coconut milk) to solve this problem.

5. Cooking oil – Great for low-medium heat cooking. Watch for the oil smoking, which means the heat is too high.

6. Body scrub – Combine coconut and sugar or salt for a DIY body scrub.

7. Great for shaving – Try it as a substitute for shaving cream.

8. Bath soak – Melt some in the microwave and add to your bath. Then soak (you might have to use soap after to get the ‘greasy’ off though).

9. Massage oil – Try it.

10. Mouth wash – swish in your mouth for a few minutes. Acts as a natural floss and mouth rinse (I do this daily). This is known as “oil pulling.”

11. As a supplement – Take a TBSP with each meal to get all those nutrient-packed fats into your belly.

12. Season a cast-iron pan – Rub a bit on the pan after use.

13. Conditioner – Don’t use too much! It can be tough to get out.

14. In place of antibiotics like Neosporin – Rub a bit on your scrapes to form a protective layer from bacteria.

15. Pets – Apparently it’s good for Dogs and Cats

16. For chapped lips – works like a charm.

17. Sunburn – Feels soooooo good on sunburn!

18. Tanning oil – Rub some on at the beach.

19. Dandruff – Helps prevent dry and flaky scalp.

20. Acne – Got a zit? Dab some on and let nature do its thang.

21. Sore Throat – Dissolve in mouth and let coat throat.

22. Gum removal – Coconut oil can help you get gum out of carpet, upholstery, hair, etc

23. Bruise – Rub some into a bruise. Will heal faster.

24. Deodorant – Mix with some baking soda for a natural deodorant. Nature is a powerful thing.

25. Make coconut milk ice cream – 1 Can coconut milk, 1/4 cup desired sweetener (I use organic coconut sugar or organic maple syrup), Optional: berries, fruit, bananas, whatever. Process: Blend everything together until smooth. Put in ice cream maker and run for 12-18 minutes. If you don’t have an ice cream maker, freeze in a bowl for 10-15 minutes then eat before it gets too hard.