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​​​​So, this video, we’re gonna do three of my favorite Wild Foods products. You’ll have to watch the rest of the video to get ’em.

These superfoods I use to fuel me, to stay healthy, to stay lean, stay fit, have abs, to live a long time, and do all the awesome things that food can do.

And I’m wearing my “F SUGAR” shirt. I know it’s a little aggressive, but ya know what, we gotta wake up people to the reality that sugar’s the number one contributor to obesity, and that, and thus modern Western disease that is killing literally millions every year.

We need to make a big deal about this. We need to wake people up. Sugar is one of the biggest enemies, public enemy number one.

And then that would fall closely with seed and vegetable oils, and then grains. Watch my other videos to get an idea of why and what I’m talking about with all that.

This video’s about three of my favorite products, but I wanna put out there. So, you know, check links below, go find some videos.

Product number one: Wild Matcha.

Now, in our nifty preprint bags that we just got. It’s my favorite thing, when we get these bags in. It can take about eight weeks to get, sometimes twelve. But once we get ’em in… this feels so nice.

So, this is a green tea, organic matcha powder from a small farm in Japan. And we’re actually taking a trip to Japan next year that I’m a little excited by. We’re actually gonna visit the farm where they grow this.

And… uh, matcha is unique. It’s a kind of green tea; it’s called tencha. And it’s a special green tea that is grown in shade.

What they do is they use these big bamboo things to shade the matcha at different levels. And so they’ll put a bamboo screen they’ll let a certain amount of light in.

And then they’ll progressively add more and more shade so that, to the point, the best matcha in the world is actually grown in near-darkness towards the end of its life right before harvest.

And then so they do a first flush, the second flush, third flush, which is a harvest, which they basically go in, and they dig the smallest leaves. The smallest, sweetest, most immature leaves that they use for the highest-grade matcha.

Then stone-grind that into a powder, and you get the whole leaf powder that you whisk into hot water, or into smoothies, whatever. And that’s how you get all the nutrition.

Traditional green tea, you brew, right, it’s an extraction. It’s hot water over leaves and then you get a green liquid.

This, on the other hand, is the entire leaf with water, or you know smoothies, or whatever that you add, so you ingest the entire leaf. You get all that nutrition.

That’s why they say it’s about equal to drinking 10 cups of coffee; or, not coffee, tea, right? One cup of matcha is equal to about 10 cups of green tea and antioxidant value, right?

So, this is one of my favorites. This is good if you’re trying to cycle coffee. And you wanna do something that doesn’t have as much caffeine; it’s got a little bit of caffeine, but it’s got also L-theanine, which helps caffeine uptake at a slower rate, which gives you more of a mellow, sustained energy versus caffeine and coffee, which can tend to, you know, up and down, right?

Now, this… you know, you can make lattes, you can do additive smoothies, and recipes, and drinks, whatever, or you can just do hot water.

If you do just hot water, you know, for something like this, this is actually a ceremonial bulk grade, and so they, it’s a little bit close to culinary grade, which is a little bit more bitter, more mature leaves.

And this is good for making lattes and other things that has other ingredients because it is a little bit more bitter. If you wanted to do just straight iced ma– in fact, this is a really iced matcha, to be honest, it really is.

Like if you add a little dash of lemon and maybe a dash of xylitol, or Stevia to sweeten it up, amazing. But if you’re trying to drink straight matcha with just water and matcha, most people are gonna want the first or second harvest because it’s the smallest leaves and the sweetest flavor, right?

And so the later the harvest, they use the more mature leaves, and then you get more of those stringent compounds that make it a little bit more bitter, right?

So, again, this is one of my favorite products. It’s one of our bestsellers. It’s a whole green leaf powder that is super good for you.

It’s got L-theanine, it’s got caffeine. It’s really good for studying and working. It’s good for, like, a mid-day energy boost.

If you don’t wanna have caffeine that will keep you up, too much caffeine, you’re exposed to the L-theanine which helps mellow you down and counteract the jittery effects of caffeine quite a bit, so…

Awesome, awesome, great. And you can get this, as with all the products, at; use code WILDCEO for 12% off.

Product two. ♪ Do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do, do… ♪ Product number two: Wild Cocoa Butter. These things are… to die for, okay?

So, most people get a little confused because they see it, it looks like butter, it’s called cocoa butter, and they think, “Oh, does this come from a cow?” or, “is this an animal product?”

This is a plant-based butter; a cocoa butter, right? So, it’s not a dairy butter. It is very different; it’s hard to explain.

But basically you have the cocoa beans, which are brown, right, and they have the cocoa solids and what’s really good chocolate. And what they do is, they press the fat out of that, remove the cocoa solids, which is the dark part of chocolate, and you get this, which is a white, milky cocoa butter wafer formed in these nice, little wafers.

It’s basically like a white chocolate, right? They little, the little drops that is basically white chocolate without sugar. White chocolate is basically this with sugar out of it, okay?

So, this is the pure cocoa fat. The cocoa butter part from cocoa beans, from the cocoa plant, that is used to make chocolate, okay?

So, if you were to add this, add a sweetener, and then add chocolate powder or cocoa powder, add that all together, that’s how you get chocolate. I mean, it’s not as easy as that but we’ve had customers that have used this to make homemade chocolate at home with great effect.

I’ve actually made these myself. It’s more of a chocolate bark, but if you can figure out how to temper it the right way, pretty great.

And so, these are awesome because if you like putting butter in your coffee, and you want a plant-based option, maybe you’re sensitive to dairy, or you just wanna mix things up, these come in super handy, right?

And you can also cook with these, you can melt them down, put ’em in desserts. You can make melt this down and add Stevia, and you have a sugar-free sauce. You can use it to thicken soups and recipes.

It’s just any — it’s just amazing. Like, it’s got a very mild chocolatey flavor, ton of antioxidants. It’s actually really good for your skin, your hair. If you melt it and rub it in. It’s got a Vitamin E. That’s really good for that.

It also has a lot of anti-inflammatory properties. Just a superfood, like — it’s one of the aspects of chocolate that makes chocolate a superfood. And this is the fatty part. Awesome.

Some people, I see them at Paleo fover the years, they straight up just take it and they eat it, right? And that seems to be a hit.

And so, at the new Wild Coffee Bar, we’re gonna have two options. We’re gonna have Wild Butter Brew number one, which is gonna be dairy butter, right?

So, grass-fed butter, MCT Oil, and then Wild Coffee. And then we’re gonna have option number two, which is gonna be a plant-base.

So, it’s an animal-free, animal-product free coffee, cocoa butter, and MCT, blend it up. And it makes a nice frothy brew, hence brew.

And so, if you’re trying to get rid of dairy in your diet, maybe you do milk or cream, and you wanna try something new: Cocoa Butter. Awesome.

♪ Dee, dee, dee dee… Wild Cocotropic! ♪ ♪ Yee… ♪

We just got our nifty preprint bags in. I talked about that in another one, I know. But, I just, I just can’t… it’s matte, it just feels nice. It just looks great. Like, what kind of sex appeal does that have? What kind of curb appeal does it have?

I mean, c’mon, really? How could you say no to the Cocotropic?

Now, Cocotropic… this has… cocoa powder as a base, right, hence the “coco”. And the “tropic” part is where we’re gonna get the chaga, and the reishi, the maca, and the ​turmeric.

We’re gonna get the adaptogenic herbs that help you with focus, concentration, and mental clarity. They’re also just good for everything: anti-inflammatory, they’re anti-cancer, they’re… They’re just, like, super amazing, awesome foods that everyone should eat, right?

And more and more research’s coming out with the healing benefits of mushrooms. In fact, about 60 to 70% of all pharmaceuticals in the world are derived from mushrooms. That’s how potent they are, penicillin being one of the big medicines that is derived from mushrooms.

Now, with this, you basically take your coffee, or you could do tea or water, whatever, and you add about a tablespoon, okay? And so you get that nice cocoa flavor, and then you’re gonna get all these herbs in there.

And a lot of people don’t even have sweetener at that point. Like, we make it at Paleo fevery year, and we just add a little bit of butter. So we do grass-fed butter, or we do the cocoa butter. I talked about with one of my other favorite products.

And we blend it up, and it’s just to die for; it really is. And if you wanna sweeten it up, you could do maybe Stevia, xylitol, or Erythritol. Stuff like that, just to give it a little bit of a sweet boost.

Most people like the kind of earthy flavor of the cocoa, of the mushroom, and the maca, and the turmeric. It just blends so perfectly with coffee that I just can’t, I can’t write about it enough.

And so, you put this in your morning brew every morning, and it just might change your life, okay? And, hopefully, you’re doing your DrinkYourFat, which you can get the free e-book at to explain that whole system.

And so you’d be starting out with the morning brew, you’d be skipping breakfast, get all the benefits of intermittent fasting, and you’d be using something like this to help get you a little bit more of a mental boost and some more clarity throughout the day.

So, Cocotropic is one of our bestsellers. It’s one of my favorites. It’s a custom blend to Wild Foods. We’re very proud of this, and hopefully you’ll see this on Whole Foods shelves soon.

So, again, get it at, use code WILDCEO for 12% off.

And that was three of my favorite products for the day, Wild Foods. So make sure you subscribe and thanks for watching.

Colin Stuckert Founder/CEO, Wild Foods