There are some key reasons we sell our Activated Charcoal Capsules made from 100% organic coconuts. They have to do with preventing illness and optimizing gut health.

For example, our activated charcoal pills absorb unwanted materials in the gut, letting your body pass them through smoothly and comfortably.

The charcoal is not absorbed in the body, making it a top choice for binding to and removing unwanted toxins. 

Activated charcoal powder has been found effective for acute overdose (poison control), improving kidney function, and even alcohol poisoning. 

Of course, in the case of an emergency, it’s best to take activated charcoal in capsule or powdered form as a supplement. 

But for a maintenance dose and to reap the activated charcoal benefits, here we provide 4 surprisingly creative ways to prevent illness with a few delicious recipes. 

Activated Charcoal Latte

It’s best to use a blender to add charcoal to your latte.

Try adding hot espresso and heated plant milk (such as almond milk) to a blender with coconut fat, coconut sugar, and a dose of activated charcoal. Remember, you can always twist open capsules to use the activated charcoal inside. 

Once finished, your result will be a darker version of your normal, tasty, energizing latte!

Activated Charcoal Smoothie

A smoothie is another efficient way to consume a maintenance dose of activated charcoal. As with the latte, the smoothie ingredients should do a good job of hiding the taste of the charcoal. 

Try blending your desired amount of banana, avocado, frozen berries, nut butter, Wild Cocoa Powder, and yes, activated charcoal to create a delicious breakfast bursting with detoxifying power!

Keto Coconut Balls with Activated Charcoal 

Use a food processor to combine Wild Collagen Peptides, coconut flower, plant-based milk, coconut oil, Wild MCT oil, coconut butter, and activated charcoal. 

Play with different measurements to achieve a desired taste and texture. These are meant to stick together and be rolled into balls and stored in the fridge. 

These keto coconut balls allow you to reap all of the activated charcoal benefits during breakfast or as a snack during any time of the day!

Activated Charcoal Nice Cream

Ever had nice cream? It’s basically banana ice cream. By food-processing frozen banana, you’re left with a creamy, ice-cream textured treat. Adding frozen berries, cocoa, and/or dates is always a good idea.

Cocoa powder is well paired with activated charcoal. Try food processing frozen bananas, dates, cocoa, and a dose of activated charcoal. Use a bit of almond milk as needed to get the process going. 

Nice cream is a delicious food commonly consumed for breakfast or after dinner. It’s very sweet, too. This combination of sweetness and cocoa should mask the activated charcoal taste quite well. 

Enjoy these recipes! Remember, if you’re wondering where to buy activated charcoal, you could always refer to our site to buy some!