Turmeric is widely known for its many incredible health benefits. Thanks to the curcumin found in turmeric, it’s great for helping bring down inflammation in the body. Curcumin is also beneficial for neurological function, which means it’s good for your nerves.

​Next time you have premenstrual symptoms, try making this Wild Turmeric Anti-PMS Elixir specially designed to reduce inflammation in the body, and regulate hormones​.

Plus, learn why adding lime to this tea is especially beneficial during PMS time!

​Cramps and nausea are common symptoms women experience with PMS. Inflammation in the body can cause PMS symptoms to be even worse.

Use of over the counter drugs designed to treat those symptoms (such as Midol and Ibuprofen) can merely put a band-aid on your ​symptoms but can actually cause more inflammation, in turn causing you to feel worse.

Using​ foods that mimic the effect of drugs to support healthy cycles and hormonal balance will give your body ​a nutritional boost to feel better whatever time of the month it is!

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