California Prop 65 - A law no other jurisdiction in the world agrees with

This Californian law requires a notice on products that contain naturally occurring minerals from nature.

Any ingredient with over 1/1000th of what the WHO terms as ‚ÄúSafe Harbor Levels‚ÄĚ must include a warning on the label.

Natural foods grown in clean soil contain many of these naturally occurring chemicals and minerals.

Here are a few examples:

Spinach: One adult serving contains about 5.2 micrograms of lead, which exceeds Prop 65 levels by ten times.

Now take every other plant food that Americans eat regularly, and the average person is likely consuming about 10x the amount of lead allowed by Prop 65 levels.

The USDA recommends 3-5 servings of vegetables a day. Hmm.

Finally, there is no other place in the world that requires us to label like this.

Every Wild Foods product undergoes COA testing and passes well within acceptable ranges.