We recently launched our first Wild Foods nootropic drink powder mix called Wild Cocotropic.

It’s delicious, effective… and we are happy and proud of it.

You can read a bit more about it here: Wild Cocotropic.

On another note, one of our Wild subscribers asked us this after we sent out our announcement email:

I have a 17 year old daughter that could use a little concentration and mood enhancement while she is studying. Is this stuff safe for people her age and what are the side effects? I am a little afraid of the ingredients that I have never heard of before. *should be read as – don’t want my kid getting high off the stuff*

Great question… and it made me chuckle!

Here is my response:

All the ingredients are 100% real food powders. None of these are stimulants, like caffeine, although there is a small amount of caffeine in the cocoa.

The other ingredients—reishi, mucuna pruriens (also called velvet bean), turmeric—all provide certain brain-boosting benefits in an all-natural, non-high inducing way.

You can also adjust the amount used and slip a little bit in smoothies/shakes/etc. to get some of the benefits without doing a full serving-sized drink.

Get a bag today and use this delicious superfood mix for the brain in your smoothies, shakes and coffee drinks. It’s also great by itself as a hot cocoa style drink with a dash of honey.