For those who are unaware, Wild Foods is located in Austin, Texas. During the heat of summer, we enjoy making cold brew coffee with our signature Wild Coffee, including a Swiss water-processed decaf coffee (yes you can make decaf cold brew coffee)!

Cold brew coffee is becoming an increasingly popular alternative to conventionally brewed hot coffee. It contains a different taste profile, slightly more caffeine (depending on the grounds to water ratio), and is a refreshing way to consume coffee in warmer weather. 

Known to be less bitter and acidic, many turn to a good cold brew coffee recipe to calm any heartburn or indigestion conventional hot coffee may be giving them. Coffee enthusiasts often wonder how to make cold brew coffee so might they maintain a gentler version of their favorite morning ritual. 

In this article, we’ll let you in on a simple but effective way to make cold brew coffee. Then, we’ll give you some tips to optimize your brew. We keep taste and health optimization in mind in all that we do, so you can expect the same for these cold brew techniques!

But first, let’s explore how cold brew coffee came to be. 

Origins of Cold Brew Coffee

Did you know that cold brew coffee is not a modern phenomenon? Indeed, the earliest record of cold brew comes from 17th century Japan! 

Thought to be introduced by Dutch traders, this Japanese cold brew is known as “Kyoto”. Kyoto-style coffee is made with a large glass vessel or “tower”. The upper chamber of the tower is filled with ice, which melts and drips into coffee grounds placed into the vessel below. 

Cold-brew was popularized in recent times for a combination of taste and health reasons. In the process, coffee-lovers have utilized various methods of creating the “perfect” cold brew. 

How to Make Cold Brew the Easy (and Tasty) Way

While you could get an excellent brew with a cold brew Kyoto tower, we find the instrument a bit bulky and the process slightly over the top. 

Did you know that you can make an amazing cold brew coffee with a french press?

  1. To make amazing cold brew coffee with a french press, place the number of grounds you normally would at the bottom of the vessel (Please note that this should be done at night to enjoy your cold brew in the morning).
  2. Pour 8 to 12 oz of cool water over the grounds.
  3. Put the top piece of the french press in place. Store in the fridge overnight.
  4. In the morning, “press” the french press.
  5. Pour and enjoy!

This process works equally as well with decaf coffee. For a decaf cold brew coffee in the morning, repeat the process but with decaffeinated grounds!

4 Odd Tricks to Make An Amazing Drink

Our 4 odd cold brew coffee tips come in the form of powerful nutrients to add to your brew. Set yourself up for more energy and health by adding these extras to your drink! The trick is to blend these ingredients in your brew. You’ll be left with frothy, healthy deliciousness!

  • Wild CocoTropic Superfood Cocoa Drink MixA miraculous blend of cocoa, maca, medicinal mushrooms, and turmeric, this highly anti-inflammatory powder is sure to upgrade your health and the taste of your coffee.
  • Organic Wild MCT Oil From 100% CoconutsMCT oil is extracted from coconut and is readily used as energy in the body. Blending MCT oil with coffee is popular for improving the taste of coffee while “grounding” down the caffeine high and helping it last longer.
  • Wild Collagen Peptides PowderCollagen peptides are known to be especially good for skin elasticity, tendons, hair, nails, and supporting the integrity of the intestinal lining. Further, blending collagen into your coffee will make the texture frothy and irresistible!
  • Wild Grass-Fed Whey ProteinWild Whey is undenatured native whey protein made from the grass-fed milk of happy cows that roam and graze on organic pastures year-round. Our whey is made in a way that maintains the immunoglobulins and lactoferrin within. This whey will also taste great blended in your cold brew!