It’s easy to put collagen into the skincare category and assume that's all it does – but did you know that it can also support your digestive system? Keep reading to learn about what collagen is and how it aids digestion. 

What is Collagen?

Before we start discussing whether collagen is good for digestion, let’s review what it is.

Collagen is the most common protein found in our body. It makes up almost all our skin, bone mass, and connective tissues – so it plays a major role in our health! 

This structural protein is composed of amino acids that allow your skin to stretch and stay elastic. They also support your muscles and bones, helping them to maintain their structure. 

Our bodies can produce collagen naturally, but it needs to have access to the right resources to do so. For example, you need vitamin c, zinc, proline, copper, and glycine for your body to make collagen.

Unfortunately, your collagen production starts to slow down as you. This can happen as early as our 20s and can create the signs of aging we recognize like wrinkles and weak bones and joints. The good news is you can slow this process down by taking collagen supplements!

If you have heard of collagen, you’ve probably also heard of collagen peptides. So, what’s the difference between the two?

Collagen peptides refer to a form of collagen that has already been hydrolyzed. This means that it is ready for our bodies to absorb and digest, and you can easily dissolve it in any liquid. As a result, this versatile supplement has become popular across the health world, since it can be added to everything from your morning coffee to your favorite dinner recipe!

Benefits of Collagen for Digestion

One of the many benefits that collagen provides is the ability to help your digestive system. This impressive protein can do so much for your gut health, from healing stomach ulcers to repairing a leaky gut.

Here are some of the reasons why collagen is so important for your digestion:

Heal Stomach Ulcers

Stomach ulcers can be painful and uncomfortable to deal with. Collagen can help alleviate these symptoms, repair your digestive lining, and even prevent stress-induced ulcers!

The primary amino acids in collagen are glycine and proline, and these have been shown to effectively prevent stomach ulcers. By preventing harmful gastric acid from damaging your stomach lining, you can let your digestive tract heal – and prevent ulcers from developing altogether. 

Repair a Leaky Gut

If you suffer from IBS or a leaky gut, consider supplementing your diet with our Wild Foods Collagen Peptides!

Glutamine is another abundant amino acid in collagen. Studies have found that this nutrient can prevent your digestive walls from becoming inflamed – and this can directly combat the symptoms of a leaky gut. 

Other research indicates that people with less collagen in their bodies are more likely to suffer from inflammatory bowel disease. That means that supplementing their diet with collagen or collagen peptides is essential for preventing and treating digestive diseases. 

Regulate your Stomach Acid

Another reason that collagen is good for digestion is that it can regulate your stomach acid secretion. 

While these studies are preliminary and mainly done with animals, they have shown that they can prevent your body from generating excessive gastric juices. You may be wondering why this is important – the key is that having an overly acidic digestive tract can lead to ulcers, heartburn, and other painful issues.

Simply adding additional collagen to your diet may alleviate these effects and prevent too much stomach acid from being secreted. 

Promote Healthy Digestion

Collagen can also promote an overall healthy digestive system. Part of the reason it can do this so successfully is that it is a hydrophilic molecule: which means it is attracted to acidic molecules and water. 

When your body has high collagen levels, it can take those molecules and surround them with stomach acid and water. As these amino acids flow through your gastrointestinal tract, they help break down all the carbohydrates and proteins that they come across. 

This can also improve your ability to move food through your digestive system smoothly!

As you can see, collagen is great for digestion. Start working towards a healthier gut by trying out one of our Wild Foods Collagen Peptides today!