“The ultimate goal of farming is not the growing of crops, but the cultivation and perfection of human beings.”―Masanobu Fukuoka, The One-Straw Revolution

Real Food Crops

I sometimes take for granted the knowledge I have. I don’t mean that egotistically, but in that I sometimes forget that other people may not understand what I’m talking about because certain ideas or concepts might be completely new to them.

This makes it sometimes hard to communicate the importance of food and nutrition, for example.

Most people don’t know much about food and nutrition other than how to eat it. That’s not a knock on them by any means, it’s a knock on our education system. But the education system is not what I want to talk about today.

No, I want to talk about food and biology and I’m using Mr. Fukuoka’s quote above to help me do that.

Ok… let’s get to it.

We all know that we have to eat to stay alive, right? (Some may not actually understand this… whatever.)

Did you know that human beings have survived in the wild for hundreds of thousands of years? This is proven scientific fact and is indisputable. We have the fossil records to prove this. Ok, moving on.

Now, these human beings that lived and survived in the wild were are our ancestors. You understand this because you understand reproduction and that each person alive was produced by another human being, by his or her mother and father. We all in agreement still? Good, moving on.

Ok, so based on these few fundamental truths, we can start thinking about food and how it plays into this picture. Which leads me to the next fact: You are alive because your ancestors ate food and were able to survive long enough to raise offspring which in turn ate food and raised offspring and on and on until today.

So basically, you and I are the byproduct of food and sex.

Ok, so another fact that will help me make my point pertains to sex. We all know how sex works, well most of us anyway. Basally, there is no confusion as to what produces a baby: sperm fertilizes an egg. Religious or not, I doubt there is any debate here. This is just nature, how humans are programmed.

Now, imagine if someone were to come in and say, “I can manufacture sperm and/or an egg to create a human being.”

While scientists are definitely trying to make this, and we have “cloned” sheep, there is still a part of this puzzle that is constant: organic matter.

You see, to be able to produce a human baby, there has to be organic matter produced from a human being. Even cloning and stem cell research is done using organic, living material.

There will never be a way (hopefully never) we can manufacture a human being without organic, living material. No machine, or synthetics, or computer can ever give life to a real human. By the very definition, the creation of any being using any of these non-human substances would be termed a “cyborg” or “robot” or “artificial intelligence.”

Ok, I think we are in agreement to this point.

Now to food.

My fundamental point to all of this is you can’t live/grow/sustain an organic human being with inorganic matter, e.g., synthetics, chemicals, and other non-food, non-living, non-organic substances. It just doesn’t work.

The human body is made to consume living, organic foods from nature so it can process and convert them into energy to heal, repair, grow and run itself.

Even the most quackish nutrition dogma will likely agree with this fact: Humans are made to eat real food.

Hopefully, you’re still with me.

Here’s the thing about real food and why this is so important:

The majority of food in the Standard American Diet, and other Westernized cultures that have access to the same food products we do, is fake, processed, synthetic, not-real, food!

The human being is not made to function on anything but real food and the majority of food that is consumed in our society is food that isn’t real.

Do you see the mismatch here?

Like I said at the beginning of this piece, some people don’t understand this because they’ve never read it, heard it, or been taught it. Shame on the food pyramid and school lunches and the big food corporations and magazines like Shape, Curve and Cosmo that feature full-page ads of yogurt and granola and Kasha cereal. Blah, makes me sick just thinking about it.

“So what?” you ask.

Well, the “so what” is the fact that you are not only killing yourself, but you are stifling every part of your life with the crappy food you are putting in your body.

Food dictates your hormones, which dictates just about everything else in your life. Food is linked to how you feel about yourself and the world. How you look when you see your reflection. How you perform at work. Your energy levels. How well you sleep. Your blood pressure. Your blood lipid levels. Everything.

Food is directly correlated to every single marker of quality in your health and life. Everything.

Again, food is linked to everything.

And when you put synthetic food into your body, you are hurting it, destroying it bit by bit. A slow death.

When you eat real food, you are promoting your health. You are healing your body, making it stronger. You are thriving. You feel better, look better, think better, work better. You live better.

Food is connected to it all.

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