Should you take fish oil capsules or fish liquid?

That depends.

Let's find out.

While the nutritional contents of pill versus liquid versions differ significantly, none of that matters if you cannot swallow your supplements. With conventional fish oil capsules, one usually has to swallow 8-10 gel caps to get the same amount of omega-3s as found in one traditional spoonful of pure liquid fish oil.

Both fish oils provide omega-3 benefits, but one is easier to take in higher doses than the other.

The benefits of capsules are flavorless, so there is no fishy taste. They are also more shelf-stable, making them suitable for travel, while most liquid fish oils must be refrigerated after opening.

Our preferred method is to utilize both fish oil caps and liquid.

When to use fish oil caps:

  1. traveling
  2. on the go
  3. keeping a bottle at your office
  4. if you quickly swallow pills and prefer pills over liquid to avoid the fishy taste

When to use liquid fish oil over caps:

  1. At home in your fridge for convenience
  2. If you struggle swallowing capsules
  3. When you want a higher dose of fish oil
  4. To avoid fish burps