If you want to get rid of belly fat, you must become a person that deserves to have a lean midsection.

The person who deserves a lean physique balances a healthy lifestyle and eating plan and gets plenty of sleep while keeping an eye on stress.

A tall order in our concrete jungle digital age, isn't it?

And that's precisely why fewer individuals today walk around with lean figures they are proud of.

There are no shortcuts to losing body fat, though the supplement and weight loss industries would have you believe otherwise.

To lose body fat, you must:

  • Eat whole foods, ideally cooked at home
  • Avoid overeating. Maybe include some fasting and meal timing
  • Lift weights
  • Do cardio - some slow, some medium, and some high intensity
  • Eat more protein
  • Control your carb intake, especially sugar
  • Sleep a lot
  • Reduce stress

You can't hack or cheat your way to losing just belly fat, so don't even try. 

Instead, focus on building a long-term plan and figuring out how to stick to it daily. The closer you reach perfection with the list above, the faster the weight will come off.

To lose body fat, you must become a person who doesn't carry extra body weight.

Things you can't do if you want to lose body fat

Sometimes it's helpful to list what you shouldn't do to get at what you should do.

Let's focus on the absolute must-not-do's for weight loss.

1. Don't drink soda.

For every gram of sugar you drink, you take one small back away from weight loss.

2. Don't sit for long periods.

Make sure you include intermittent movement during your day. The more stationary you are, the more backward you move from your weight loss goals.

3. Don't stress and worry all the time

Chronic stress and anxiety destroy the hormones that regulate body weight. When they are out of whack, you make it near impossible for your body to burn off stored body fat naturally.

Figure out how to calm down, unplug, see the brighter side of things, and train your mind to go there first rather than to the negative.

4. Don't snack

Snacking ruins your metabolism and throws a wrench in the hormones responsible for regulating body weight.

When you are constantly spiking glucose, insulin, and cortisol, your body has no choice but to store body fat.

The tired and false "often eat to stoke metabolism" is the opposite of what it takes to lose weight.

5. Don't eat restaurant and packaged foods

Avoid restaurant food and packaged ready-to-eat foods as much as possible. These foods include extra ingredients your body doesn't need and often include seed oils and excess added sugars, which destroy health and contribute to weight gain.

Trying to lose body fat while eating this food is like running a marathon tied to a rock.

Lifestyle and Nutrition are everything.

Once you implement the lifestyle that supports a healthy body, the healthy body will come, and not a moment before.

There is no hacking this, no shortcutting this, no way around. There is only consistency and effort in doing the right things while avoiding the wrong ones.

Over time, you'll get there. So be patient and learn to love the process.