The Chemex is one of our favorite ways to hot brew Wild Coffee here at Wild Foods HQ.

Because of the paper filter, you end up with a much smoother cup compared to brewing with a French press. Some prefer the heavy body and murky dark coffee flavor that you get from a French press, and while I do love a FP sometimes, I am more of a pour over guy myself.

Another favorite tool is the Hario V60, which is then same method as the Chemex but a different tool for getting the job done. (And the Hario gooseneck kettle is a MUST-have in any serious coffee drinker’s kitchen.)

​How To Brew With The Chemex

1) Place filter in Chemex and rinse with hot water.

2) Discard water.

3) Grind 42g (6 tbsp) Wild Coffee to size of kosher salt and place in Chemex filter.

​4) Place Chemex on scale and tare.

5) Take water just from boil and pour slowly, saturating all grounds to 150g.

6) Let “bloom” for 45 seconds.

7) Continue pouring until you reach 450g.

8) After a minute, fill to 650g.

9) Let water extract for 2-3 minutes.

10) Remove grounds and serve!