The way to lose belly fat naturally is also what it takes to be healthy.

Most experts, gurus, and typical people get weight loss because they use flawed models, and many are looking for—or promoting—gimmicks, pills, tricks, or hacks.

There is no shortcut to weight loss, especially sustainable, long-term fat loss.

Fat loss 100% your habits.

Since habits are hard to break, especially food habits, most people struggle with their weight their entire lives.

But it doesn't have to be that way.

If you focus on the most important aspects of fat loss, like nutrition, and rebuild your habits from the ground up with a new, better foundation, it isn't tough to get results.

That said, losing weight naturally requires a holistic and long-term approach. The good news is once you get these habits down, you'll finally reach your goals with ease as long as you stay on the path. From there, each new day you commit to your goals is one more notch of reinforcement as your identity as a healthy person. The byproduct of this healthy identity, over time, becomes a fit and lean body. 

Losing weight naturally will take time and consistency. Some would say that is hard. At Wild Foods, we know the true secret to a lean and fit body (Real Food), which is why we believe it isn't hard to live a healthy, Wild lifestyle once you get the nutrition part down.

Below is a list of the most important things you must do to lose belly fat naturally. Keep in mind that number one is the most important thing. You should work on the rest of the list and get those taken care of to the best of your ability, but they will not take the place of your nutrition. Your nutrition is the 80/20 to losing weight and body fat naturally and keeping it off. (It's probably closer to 95/5.)

A whole food diet of real food cooked at home

Losing weight mostly about what you eat, and to a lesser extent, how much you eat.

Most health and fitness gurus get nutrition wrong because they emphasize calories and the energy balance equation.

The energy balance equation is the overly simplistic idea that if you eat fewer calories than you consume, you'll lose weight. But this ignores many other variables to weight loss, such as your hormones and how certain foods like seed oils, sugar, fructose, and grains affect your body.

If your body were as simple as that, there would be many more lean people than there are.

It's just not that simple.

So instead of spending time on this topic, we will give you only what you need to know, which just so happens to be the secret to controlling the foods you eat while giving your body room to melt off fat naturally.

The most important thing you can do every day to achieve your health and weight loss goals and kickstart your metabolism, so your body starts burning off belly fat, is to eat whole real foods at home.

This means no restaurants or packaged foods.

This means getting raw ingredients and cooking them yourself.

This means using the highest quality ingredients you can afford.

All you do is eat whole foods cooked at home and let your body do the rest.

No calorie counting or other macro tracking nonsense.

It's quite simple. 

Until you are eating most of your foods at home, nothing else matters. And while we will give you a few extra tips below, these are going to have a minor effect on your results until you get the home-cooked real food part down.

Here are two straightforward eating strategies to help you lose weight and burn fat the healthy way:

1. Strategy one (not as optimal, but a good start): You can eat whatever you want as long as you make it from scratch.

Every ingredient you eat must be cooked at home.

Want cookies? Make them from scratch?

Bread? Pasta? Same thing. Make them from scratch.

2. Strategy Two (my preference to simplify and for best results):

Eliminate all grains (beans, legumes, lentils, wheat, flours) from your diet, at least for now.

Eliminate all added sugar (a bit of sugar from fruit and veggies is no big deal, but watch your fruit intake since that will hold back belly fat loss).

Eliminate all seed and vegetable oils (use coconut, avocado, palm, tallow, lard, butter, MCT oil, and ghee)

Eat healthy animal foods - whatever you want, just opt for the highest quality you can afford

Eat fruits and vegetables

Eat clean starches like sweet potatoes, yams,

Eat ample fat (oils above, nuts, seeds, fatty fish, grass-fed beef, organ meat)


These are two strategies that will help you account for as much as 80% of your weight loss, fat loss, and health goals.

The key is to get in the kitchen, at home, and make things yourself.

YouTube has unlimited cooking videos. Google has millions of free recipes.

The harsh truth is the only way to control your nutrition in our modern environment is to pay attention to sourcing your own ingredients and then preparing them yourself.

There is no way around this, unfortunately. So stick with quality, raw, real ingredients and add in some basic cooking techniques to get your health and weight to exactly where you want it to be.

If there's anything we can do to help, please let us know!