Hello Wildling 👋,

Colin here, the Wild founder.

I'm back running Wild after a two-year partnership that didn't go as planned.

During this time, the business improved some things and failed at others.

I now have a much clearer view of what we should focus on and how to continue serving you in the future.

And I owe a big thank you to those of you that stuck with us... you are more appreciated than you know.

I'm kicking off a mid-week email to stay in touch. I'll share some things on my mind, some valuable bits of knowledge, and updates on what we're doing out here in Austin, Texas.

We are about to sign a lease on a property in East Austin. The Sapien Center/Compound/Lifestyle thing. It's going to involve food, workouts, sauna, ice baths, lifestyle, events, group classes, and amazing humans.

I was in and out of the project as I kept thinking it would be too much to handle with getting Wild back full-time. But then I thought about how I'd feel if I didn't do it and the pain of not doing it far exceeded the fear of taking on too much. So we're all-in.

I'll be sharing details along the way here and via The Better Human newsletter (get your free email each month).

Looking forward to the future!

Stay Wild,

-Colin Stuckert
Founder/CEO, Wild Foods & Better Human Podcast & Newsletter

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💡 Useful Tips Corner 💡

🦾 How to be dangerous → Be uncancelable. I realize this takes time, but when your goal is to be completely sovereign so that you aren’t beholding to a job or other financial interests that could be attacked by the mob, you also get full autonomy of your decisions. And that is the ultimate freedom and power.

🍳 Cooking: Your ratio of home-cooked meals to meals not cooked at home is possibly the single greatest determinant of how long you will live.

🌞 Health → Keep a dumbbell in your room, next to the TV, and anywhere else you hang out at home. Then pick it up and move it around—presses, curls, rows, lat raises, chest presses, flys.

😶 Grammar Tip → Your means something that is yours. You’re = you are.

It’s better if you’re open with people.

It’s also better when your inner world matches your outer.

⌨️ Productivity: Attention residue → Each time you turn your attention from one task to another, the first task will leave a “residue” that reduces your cognitive performance. How to solve: turn off all notifications, airplane mode, and focus on one thing at a time.