For many people, losing weight is a top priority, especially stomach fat. The key to losing stomach fat is to lose fat in general. Below are the first principles of sustained fat loss. As you adopt these habits and the weight starts coming off, the belly fat will also begin!

Understand your body

You must first understand your body. The reality is weightlifting and daily movement/exercise is the fastest and most long-term sustainable way to lose weight and keep it off.

If you don't want to exercise, try walking, gardening, swimming, or some other physical activity you enjoy.

Next up is nutrition. If you don't exercise, you must eat right. There is no exception here or the way around. This is just human biology 101.

Finally, you must sleep. Without recovery time, your body will be stressed, and stressed bodies do not shed body fat. So prioritize sleep and mindfulness and consider working on your mental state.

Eat well

People often think that they need to exercise to lose weight. While this is true to a certain extent, eating well is the most important aspect of weight loss. Here are a few quick nutrition tips to help you eat the weight away.

1. Eat plenty of healthy animal proteins and fats and a nice dose of fruits and vegetables. These are loaded with nutrients that will help you feel fuller for extended periods and reduce your calorie intake.

2. Avoid processed foods as much as possible. They are high in sugar, trans fats and refined carbohydrates while containing little nutrition value, which only leads to overeating. Home-cooked food is the best.

3. Drink more water, especially before meals.

Try the Soup and/or Water technique before meals

Another easy way to fill yourself up is with soup. Eating soup before a meal can help you reduce calorie intake by filling up your stomach and signaling the appetite hormone ghrelin.

This will make you eat fewer calories because you won't feel as hungry when you sit down to eat a meal. When eating soup to lose stomach fat, make sure it's low in calories. You can add other low-calorie foods to your soup to make it a complete meal. For example, add vegetables such as broccoli, carrots, and peas to your soup to make it a complete meal.

Avoid sugar

Reducing refined carbohydrate intake can help you lose body fat, especially in the gut region where those excess sugars often end up. The same is valid for drinking alcohol.

By cutting back on refined carbs, sugar, and alcohol, you give your body a massive step in the fat-burning direction.

WALK way more

Exercising is one of the best ways to lose stomach fat, but you don't have to lift weights or go for a run to see results. You can walk more daily to burn calories and lose stomach fat.

Daily movement will also lead to less snacking and lower hunger pangs. Your body is designed to move, so move it.

Monitor your weight and health

Finally, what gets measured gets improved, as the saying goes. So figure out a tracking system to track your weight, meals, cheat meals, etc. The more you measure, the more your subconscious will work with you rather than against you.