Low carb snacks and low carb desserts are at the forefront of many health enthusiast’s minds. Carb-free snacks can taste amazing if you know what you’re doing. They’re also very healthy. 

The science is out that following a low carb or ketogenic diet holds a host of benefits. In one study, for example, researchers found, “The LCKD [low carb ketogenic diet] improved glycemic control in patients with type 2 diabetes such that diabetes medications were discontinued or reduced in most participants.” 

Along with helping out diabetes and weight issues, low-carb snacks promote energy levels and appetite control. 

Here are our favorite healthy low-carb snacks.

Low Carb Fat Bombs

Fat bombs are among the first low-carb snacks that come to mind. They’re the ultimate delicious, grab-and-go, addicting snack. 

Fat bombs are similar to what’s been called “energy balls” or “energy bites,” though they don’t contain dried fruits like dates and raisins.

Most delicious fat bombs contain different combinations of coconut butter, other nut butters, cacao, low-carb berries, and superfood powders like our Wild CocoTropic Superfood Cocoa Drink Mix. Coconut shreds, hemp seeds, and flax seeds are also excellent additions. 

Experiment with different combinations and ratios of ingredients. You’ll find something that sticks. It’ll become your low-carb fat bomb signature recipe!

Celery and Almond Butter (or Nut Butter of Choice)

Don’t be surprised if celery sticks with almond butter (or your nut butter of choice) quickly becomes one of your go-to no-carb snacks. Though it might seem a bit boring at first, here’s the truth: it’s utterly addicting! 

This snack is so addicting that you’ll quickly find your nut butter jar emptying and celery disappearing. This is a testament to not only this keto snack’s tastiness but its convenience as well.

Bring it to the beach, in the car as a post-workout, or to work/school. Just be careful! This is an easy one to get carried away with!

Low Carb Smoothie

Smoothies can be made large enough to count as a meal, but they can also be made small enough to pass as a snack. 

We’ll leave you with a recipe for this final low-carb snack. You’re welcome. 

Try this:

●    ½  medium avocado 

●    1 cup frozen mixed berries

●    1.5 tbsp Wild Cocoa Powder

●    1 small handful of baby spinach

●    1 tsp sugar-free sweetener (preferably stevia or erythritol)

●    1 scoop Wild Collagen Peptides 

●    2 tbsp nut butter of choice

How’s it tasting? Depending on your taste preference, you may wish to mix up the type of berries and nut butters you choose to use. 

Enjoy this low-carb smoothie and the rest of these low-carb snacks!