“MCT'' stands for . This medium-chain fatty acid commonly found in coconut oil has gained increasing popularity as an ample, readily-available energy source for the body. MCT oil benefits supported by science has led to people drizzling this stuff into their coffee, their food, and straight into their mouths.

MCT oil extracted from coconut oil became popular during the rise of the coconut oil craze beginning in approximately 2015. During this time, people really began looking at the science to find that MCT oil really does improve energy, increase cognition, and more.

Most people however, don’t understand why MCT oil is such a powerful fat. Such an understanding can help consumers reap the full benefits of MCT oil while avoiding any potential side-effects.

MCT Oil Benefits: Fat as Fuel

MCT oil is sought after due to the body’s ability to easily break it down and use it as a fuel source.

Since the fat is held together by only 6 to 12 carbons, the body readily digests it as opposed to, say, glucose, which requires more steps to break down and use as energy.

MCT oil is also popular for helping the body reach “fat-burning” mode. MCT oil has been found to have “thermogenic” properties.

For example, in a study comparing MCT oil to olive oil, researchers concluded that “consumption of MCT oil as part of a weight-loss plan improves weight loss compared with olive oil and can thus be successfully included in a weight-loss diet.”

What Does MCT Oil Do?: Benefits of MCT Oil

Reducing fat and utilizing more fat as energy holds other benefits for the body and brain as well. Popularily, there is tangible evidence that MCT oil can benefit cognitive performance.

The American Diabetes Association published research examining the benefits of MCT oil supplementation in a population of hypoglycemia impaired individuals. They found that the medium-chain fatty acids actually have the ability to improve their cognition without any worrisome side effects. Thus they concluded, “Medium-chain triglycerides offer the therapeutic advantage of preserving brain function under hypoglycemic conditions without causing deleterious hyperglycemia.”

Another popular area to observe MCT oil benefits is in Alzheimer’s populations. Research is looking at the therapeutic potential of the benefits of MCT oil on neurodegenerative diseases. Recent studies have found MCT oil to be promising for limiting neuronal death and thus helping dementia.

Finally, MCT oil is promising for improving synaptic plasticity in general populations. This type of increased cognition influences how much and how quickly someone can learn. One study examining diets high in MCT oil found increased synaptic, metabolic and transcriptional activity.

Why Does Dave Asprey Tout MCT Oil Benefits?

Dave Asprey, the founder of Bulletproof, has been a proponent of MCT oil for years. He’s produced some valuable content promoting the health benefits of MCT oil such as this video.

Interestingly, Dave suggests a very specific form of MCT Oil. He claims it is the best MCT oil.

The claim is as follows: Dave’s “Brain Octane Oil”, a form of MCT oil known as C8, provides more ketone energy than a standard MCT oil which is a blend of C8 and C10 MCT.

Is Brain Octane the Best MCT Oil?

Dave Asprey believes pure C8 MCT in Brain Octane is where most of the benefits are, but this is debatable. Such claims are allowing a 32 ounce Brain Octane to cost a whopping $46 (even though it comes in a plastic bottle).

At Wild Foods, we believe both C8 and C10 MCT oils are great medium-chain triglycerides. Thus, we have kept them together in a BPA-free bottle for only $30.

Potential MCT Oil Side Effects

MCT oil can create gastrointestinal (GI) stress for some people. Though uncommon, some people who begin with too high of doses of MCT oil have experienced stomach ache, nausea, diarrhea, and even vomiting.

This is why we suggest starting slow with MCT oil. Begin with a teaspoon and work your way up slowly to 2 tablespoons. If you feel especially sensitive to the oil, try consuming it with other food sources at first.

There’s no one-size-fits-all approach to experimenting with MCT oil. It’s important to always pay close attention to how your body reacts to any new supplement and adjust accordingly.

If you’re interested in the energy-producing, fat-burning, brain-boosting powers of MCT oil, be sure to check out our Organic Wild MCT Oil From 100% Coconuts.

Our 16oz and 32oz USDA Certified Organic Wild MCT Oils are made from 100% sustainable, organic coconuts. Unlike coconut oil though, it won't solidify at room temperature or impart a coconut flavor or texture. Our bottles are BPA-free plastic.

Per Serving MCT breakdown:

C8 - Caprylic Acid 7100mg

C10 - Capric Acid 5100mg