Wow, the markets are crazy, huh?

My net worth is down over 50%+, yet I feel the same. I wake up and do what I do. Nothing around me is different.

I feel like I'm supposed to feel something but don't.

That's what it's like to have the Bitcoin Epiphany, where you have seen the light and have confirmed your thesis with hours of intense study, thinking, dreaming, and subconscious meandering. I'm thinking five years out at least, and ten or more. I'm thinking about history and how this stuff has happened and will keep happening. And I'm reminding myself that numbers on a screen are just numbers on a screen.

So I keep buying bitcoin (only) daily and buy a bit more because I'm buying for my sons and not for myself. I'm buying for their future and their children's future, so on and so forth.

I also live life since that's the entire point.

I heard someone answer the question, "What's the meaning of life?" like this:

To enjoy the passage of time.


It doesn't matter what you had, what you have now, or what you will have in the future, all that much. It matters what you do with your time now. Are you wasting away the only thing that matters worrying about the past or future or are you living in the now?

We are all so lucky to be alive right now. Most of humanity is long gone, and many lived through immense suffering to create the future we now enjoy.

I feel the need to reiterate one final point on health. Your health is the only thing you truly own. If it is a liability, you don't own it at all, which threatens your time. So prioritize health because you're not getting it back once it's gone.

Stay Wild While Enjoying The Passing of Time,

-Colin Stuckert
Founder/CEO, Wild Foods & Better Human Podcast & Newsletter

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"Instead of saving humanity, every person should save himself."

—Alexander Herzen

💡 Useful Tips Corner 💡

🍳 Quick protein dish → Frozen sausages → I keep these in our freezer at all times. One box is usually a quick protein meal for me. Super easy to reheat. I usually get organic if it’s there.

🦾 A principle for life → Don’t force. So much misery is self-inflicted by wanting things to be different from how they are. Why not just accept and move forward?

💬 Quote → “The best ideas come as jokes. Make your thinking as funny as possible.” -David Ogilvy

🎥 Video 💰→ Fascinating Bread making in Uzbekistan → Watch the video

🧠 Psychology → The Dunning–Kruger effect is the cognitive bias whereby people with low ability at a task overestimate their ability. Some researchers also include in their definition the opposite effect for high performers: their tendency to underestimate their skills.

♟ Uber fact → nature is beautiful