If you are looking for a cognitive boost, look no further than fish oil. The benefits of omega-3s extend far beyond reducing your risk of heart disease - they can also support your memory and ability to focus.

Keep reading to learn more about how your brain and fish oil can work together to improve your cognitive function! 

Fish Oil and Memory

When you think of memory loss and other cognitive impairments, most of us immediately related it to Alzheimer's disease. This is the most common form of dementia that reduces brain function and impacts millions of people everywhere.

While there is still no direct link to prove that fish oil can reverse the effects of Alzheimer's disease or alleviate its symptoms, there are promising studies that show it can be helpful with other memory issues. 

For example, some studies have shown that people with mild brain conditions or cognitive decline associated with age can benefit from taking fish oil supplements. Even though these conditions are not as severe as all rumors, they still cause impaired brain function and memory loss. 

The individuals in this study were able to perform better on memory tests after taking consistent fish oil supplements for 24 weeks. These results indicate that more mild cases can be managed by supplementing your diet with omega-3s!

Another way to look at it is that fish oil is very beneficial for those in the early stages of brain decline. If you wait too long, you may not be able to see the benefits ‚Äď but starting to incorporate fish oil into your diet as soon as possible can help. ¬†

How Fish Oil Can Help You Focus

In addition to supporting your memory, fish oil can also help you focus. 

This unique benefit has been closely studied in children with ADHD. By incorporating fish oil supplements into their diets, the children saw improvements in symptoms like attention span, hyperactivity, and short-term memory.  

The same study also found that they could decrease the dosage of any ADHD medications the kids were on to lower levels if they supplemented their diets with fish oil. 

Scientists have taken this a step further and have even found that children with ADHD have lower levels of omega-3 fatty acids in their blood, to begin with. On average, they had almost 30% less than those children without ADHD! 

These low levels of omega-3s were linked to an increase in learning difficulties, mood swings, and trouble with emotional processing. 

As you can see, fish oil can play an essential role in preventing and treating ADHD and other focus-related disorders. 

If you want to improve your ability to focus and learn, consider adding fish oil capsules or liquid into your diet to boost the levels of omega-3s in your brain!

How Do My Brain and Fish Oil Work Together?

So, how exactly does your brain work together with fish oil to improve your memory and ability to focus? 

Regardless of your stage in life, your brain needs omega-3 fatty acids to function properly. They are vital for brain development, and research has shown that fish oil can improve cognitive function in children. 

The omega-3s found in fish oil are responsible for supporting the membranes of brain cells. Similarly, they play a vital role and allowing brain cells to communicate with each other. Simply put, your brain needs them to be healthy and efficient! 

With that said, your brain can deteriorate if you are not consuming the appropriate levels of these fatty acids. Most of us cannot reasonably eat the right servings of fish to get these nutrients naturally, so the best course of action is to take a capsule or liquid fish oil supplement.  

You can see the effects of low levels of omega-3s on the size of your brain. These individuals will also experience accelerated brain aging. 

There is no doubt that a fish oil supplement can give you the cognitive boost you need. At Wild Foods, our fish oil is not only great-tasting and effective, but it is also environmentally friendly. We ensure that our suppliers support local fishermen that respect our waters and do not disrupt fragile ecosystems. Try it out today!