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​​​Hey, guys, Colin Stuckert, here, founder and CEO of Wild Foods Co.

I wanna talk to you today about Cocotropic, real quick, one minute, what it’s good for, why it’s one of our bestsellers, why it’s one of my favorites, and why I put it in my coffee, every single morning; okay?

So, Cocotropic is a cocoa powder-based organic rock cocoa powder, right, with maca, turmeric, chaga and reishi. So, it’s a super-food elixir blend with a bunch of adaptogenic herbs that… It’s just gonna help you with everything, especially when you’re getting your day started; right?

So, the mushrooms are really great for a host of health benefits, right, especially mental clarity, focus and mental health, and general overall anti-inflammatory properties, as well.

The maca, same thing, it’s an adaptogenic herb, Peruvian maca, yellow maca, really good. It’s even an aphrodisiac, they say.

The turmeric, of course, anti-inflammatory properties. Everyone knows turmeric’s good for you.

And we blend this all together into this really dark, deep, cocoa-y beverage that doesn’t have any sweetener. It doesn’t have any sugar.

And you can pop it in coffee, tea, water, whatever, and blend it up. And it’s just on point, so good; right?

So some people, they like to just put this in straight coffee, no sweetener or nothing. If you want to, you could add some stevia, maple syrup, honey, whatever sweetener of choice.

You take about a teaspoon of this, teaspoon to a tablespoon; right? Put it in your morning coffee. You can use cocoa butter or pastured butter and a little bit of MCT oil, and you blend that up. And you get the amazing drink-your-fat, morning, super-fat elixir that I start my every day with.

And I use it to fast in the morning, to get all the benefits of intermittent fasting, while getting a little bit of boost from calories and getting some of those appetite-suppressing benefits of ingesting some calories, as opposed to just fasting with no food; right?

So, it’s kind of a fat fast. It’s not strict, intermittent fasting, which would be no food. But using something like a butter coffee in the morning, especially if you’re already eating breakfast, to kind of transition into a full fast is super powerful, super potent.

And you might just like to do it every single day; right? There’s no hard and fast rules of fasting. You still get a lot of the benefits of fasting if you eliminate proteins, and sugar, and carbs, in the morning, and ingest just fat because you don’t get the same hormonal response from eating fat as you do from eating carbs and protein.

So, this is a super-elixir cocoa powder with two medicinal mushrooms, maca, turmeric, and a dash of pink salt in there, and it’s just awesome, to die for.

I can’t rave about it enough. So, you can grab your bag at Use the code WILDCEO for 12% off your entire order. Thanks for watching.

​Colin Stuckert Founder/CEO, Wild Foods