The Wild Team did an amazing job, and I couldn’t be more proud of how things went. We meet so many amazing people, some of which I’ve been following for years (like Mark Sisson and Sarah Fragoso), and the enthusiasm from the other vendors, event attendees and our own Wild Crew was more than I could have fathomed.

People were loving our Wild Butter Brew, like LOVING it, which makes me super happy and excited.

We also had a tea tasting experience where we took people on a tea trip around the world with Wild Tea #1-#7. We kept track of our numbers and 95% of the people that did a tea tasting bought some Wild Tea! How freaking cool is that? Not to mention that we just feel into that idea on site!

Wild Giveaways

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Since we love giving Wild stuff away so much, we also partnered with Laura over at My Radical Roots for another, shorter, Giveaway. You can enter one or both, your choice!

Yours in Health,
– Colin, Founder

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