Probiotics are living microorganisms that help to restore healthy gut flora and crowd out unhealthy bugs.

Digestive enzymes are nonliving molecules that can help you better digest foods and better absorb nutrients.

In a nutshell, digestive enzymes make it easier to digest your food, and probiotics support your intestinal immune functions.

Together, probiotics and digestive enzymes help you get the most nutrition from the foods you eat, supporting healthy digestion.  

To summarize, a probiotic supplement helps keep your intestinal environment in a healthy balance of beneficial bacteria, and digestive enzymes break down food so nutrients can be absorbed by your body.

Especially with other essential ingredients such as probiotics, enzymes help us keep our digestive systems healthy, which is tremendously important to our overall health.

In many cases, it may be highly beneficial to incorporate digestive enzymes and probiotics together in a more comprehensive digestive health duo to keep our digestive systems healthy and prevent a potential imbalance down the road.