Either by happenstance or by choice, our Wild Family has bounced around from kitchen to kitchen nearly a dozen times over the last four months. 

This got me thinking a lot about the average kitchen and how most of them are severely lacking in basic, yet quality tools to craft delicious meals from.

If you don't regularly watch cooking shows, learn new cooking techniques, or have a friend or family member buy or recommend a cooking tool, how else are you to truly know what is needed to make nutritious and delicious meals?

That, my friends, is where I would like to step in. Below is a simple list of the cooking tools and utensils that we bring with us every time we travel, as well as some of the favorites that we wouldn't want to do without in a stationary kitchen.


1. A quality knife that is sharp (dull knives are wildly dangerous)

If you are consuming the proper nutrients, then you are consuming steak. You will need a proper knife to cut larger pieces of meat. We also use this sort of knife for larger root vegetables and dicing up meat, such as chicken, for salad-style dishes. 

2. Serrated knife (knives)

These are oftentimes much safer than a larger knife to cut certain types of ingredients with. Additionally, they’re super sharp and reduce prep time. Exercise caution when using these.


3. Two cutting boards (one for raw, one for cooked meat)

This seems to be an afterthought for many AirBNB places and I find that wildly odd. What exactly are these people prepping their food on? I guess I understand why my partner’s mother found knife marks on her rental property. DO NOT CUT YOUR FOOD ON THE COUNTER.


4. Cast iron pan (if you only want one, go with medium)

They’re easy to clean, they make food taste delicious, and if you happen to be deficient in iron, they help you out there. They get the best sear on a steak, so we always travel with one. Additionally, if you have to cook over direct fire, you can use this versus other cooking pans.


5. A non-toxic non-stick pan, such as Caraway

It’s a little ridiculous we have to research our products so heavily, but cooking with quality equipment is not something we care to skimp on. These pans are heated to very high temperatures and whatever they are made of will make its way into the food. If you wouldn’t drink Clorox, you probably shouldn’t be using toxic cookware with Teflon coatings.


6. Tongs

For picking up and flipping steaks. For tossing vegetables in a pan. For tossing a salad. The most versatile and the most used in our kitchen. 

7. Fish turner

It’s just not the same as a flat spatula. Invest in one and you’ll see why. You’ll never go back. 


8. Silicon spatula (our fav is from Sur la Tab)

Primarily for cooking eggs, but since we cook eggs every day in our kitchen because of how nutritious they are, this is a must. Most people use plastic cookware for that sort of thing. Heated plastic? No, thanks.

9. Mini crockpot 

This really just makes life so much easier. It’s small enough that you don’t have to pack it full of ingredients, but also large enough to fit a meal for the whole family in there. We use this to roast apples, sweet potatoes, make small batches of soup, stews, and cook meat while we’re out enjoying the day.

10. Mini food processor

I didn’t realize how much time this saved until I spent some time at a friend’s recently prepping food for the week. We use this to dice onion, garlic, veggies, you name it. It’s less than $20 on amazon and we will never leave home without one of these. Ever.

When it comes to making delicious and nutritious meals, it really comes down to two simple factors. Technique and equipment. The equipment is the easy part. It takes nearly no knowledge and the investment is very small, considering the reward.