“One good test is worth a thousand expert opinions.”-Wernher von Braun

The Internet is wrought with “experts” that love to copy-paste whatever a millisecond Google search spits out as a means to prove their point. Forums and article comment threads are the most prominent places you find these “experts correcting the world and saving them from their own ignorance.

If we go back just 10 years, we will find countless ​“facts​” we believed to be true and undisputed. Go back another 10 years and you’ll find the same thing. Hell, go back every year since the dawn of man and there are always truths that have been corrected, adjusted or proven completely wrong.

Such is the way of human understanding; it is constantly evolving and adapting to new information.

What’s odd is that during each step of the way, we believe with absolute certainty that we know the “truth.” Why, as humans, are we so convinced of what we know? Especially when we are regularly proven wrong, and have been since the dawn of man.

Weird. Humans are humans, I guess. But I say you can be smarter than “humans.”

First, add the following phrase to your vocabulary, “I don’t know.” Boom… never has a more correct truth ever been uttered.

Second, try it out for yourself and test the results. If something works, great, you learned something. If it doesn’t, great, you learned something. In either case, the next time someone asks you about something you’ve tried, you can say, “This is how it worked—or didn’t work—for me.”

By taking this approach, you don’t get sucked into dogma. You speak only from experience, and even still, you don’t claim to know anything other than what you experienced. You are still open-minded to the possibilities that others may have experienced. By taking this approach, you won’t get sucked into dogma like most do. Obviously this is good because dogma keeps you closed-minded and held back in more ways than one.

When you say, “I don’t know,” you open your mind—and world—to infinite possibility. You are able to see clearly instead of through a bias lenses that wraps your view (which is, again, how most people see the world).

The fact is that no one actually “knows” anything. It’s all just an opinion. Our entire reality is just a perception of our brain. We could all be stuck in the Matrix. This Earth could be nothing more than a program being played out by an alien teenager on a planet we don’t know exists because we are stuck inside the Universe program.

And so on.

The only real truth in the universe is “I don’t know.”

Start saying, “I don’t know.”

Colin Stuckert Founder/CEO, Wild Foods