Superfoods are all the rage these days. The question is, is there something to it, or is it just another fad?

Superfoods fall into no “technical” category. Simply put, “superfoods” was a marketing term created by advertisers to sell products.

Products that just so happen to be abundant with nutrition.

It’s one of the few times we take our hats off to marketers and advertisers alike for properly naming some powerfully nutritious foods.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything from the basics of what superfoods are to how to use them with recipes included! May this guide serve your mind, body, and soul to perform at its peak leve

What Are Superfoods?

Superfoods are a diverse collection of vibrant and nutritionally dense foods such as berries, mushrooms, seeds, algae, fruits, and vegetables that have profound healing and dietary impacts on the body. Superfoods are thought to be nature’s medicine and have often been used in traditional medicine by indigenous people for thousands of years.

They contain abundant amounts of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, enzymes, and amino acids and are traditionally used to heal the body and mind. Unlike other foods that contain two or three nutritional properties, superfoods contain significantly more.

In a world where we are exposed to toxins at unprecedented levels, it is crucial to include them in your diet for optimal performance, vitality, and vigor. We created this guide so you may learn and utilize the benefits of superfoods in your daily life.

8 Benefits of Superfoods

Each superfood will have its own unique, powerful combination of constituents that offer health and healing benefits. Improving cognitive function, physical health, strengthening the immune system, and improving resistance to illnesses are the basic attributes of superfoods.

1. Superfoods may Improve Heart Health

Cardiovascular diseases, such as heart disease and stroke, are the leading causes of death across the world. Studies have shown the antioxidant capacities of superfoods, as well as other constituents, can improve cholesterol levels, reduce stress, may reduce heart conditions in young women, and generally improve the health of the heart.

2. Energy

Different superfoods provide a boost of energy by different mechanisms. Some are loaded with medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which divert directly to the liver and are used as a quick source of energy, while others are abundant with caffeine and can increase energy levels and make you feel less tired.

3. Strengthen the Immune System

Superfoods strengthen the immune system through their antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. The abundant levels of antioxidants also help the body fight free radical damage and oxidative stress.

4. Improve Physical and Mental Health

Oxidative stress can accelerate the brain’s aging process, affecting optimal brain function. Antioxidants in superfoods can improve areas of the brain that are essential for intelligence. Many superfoods contain caffeine and are known to improve sports performance by reducing fatigue and improving muscle contractions.

Locking Plates On Barbell

5. Improves Metabolism and Weight Loss

Superfoods improve metabolism and are known for burning calories. Some of the best superfoods for weight loss and energy are salmon, blueberries, avocado, and eggs. Additionally, some of the best superfood supplements for weight loss are matcha, turmeric, cocoa, and chlorella.

6. Supports Brain Health

Superfoods have been shown to support brain health by boosting cognitive function, improving intelligence areas of the brain, increasing access to ketone bodies and energy, and reducing inflammation. Some of our favorites for brain health are fatty fish, coconut oil, and mushrooms.

7. Balances Digestive Health

The digestive tract plays a crucial role in overall bodily well-being. More bacteria are living in the gut than there are cells that make up the body, yet many of us are plagued with digestive issues. Superfoods are loaded with fiber and prebiotics and have the ability to accelerate gastric emptying. Ginger, chia seeds, and raspberries are at the top for digestive health.

8. Supports Joint health

Many people take superfood supplements for joint health. Oftentimes this is turmeric, due to its high anti-inflammatory properties that make it extremely effective. Green tea, berries, walnuts, and camu camu are also beneficial in improving joint health.

Classes of Superfoods

Superfoods are, essentially, super healthy foods, and the list is quite extensive. To simplify things, we’ve divided them into categories. Each category contains a varied selection of best known (and healthiest) superfoods.


These are your green vegetables which contain high concentrations of vitamins, minerals, proteins, and beneficial bacteria such as chlorella, wheatgrass, spirulina, as well as dark leafy greens such as kale, spinach, and winter purslane.


Specific fruits are loaded with antioxidants and have properties that superbly kill off bad bacteria. Some of the most beneficial are goji berries, acai berries, blueberries, and mulberries.

Nuts & Seeds

Many nuts also have bad gut bug fighting capabilities. Among them are chia, coconut, almonds, and walnuts.

Macadamia Nuts In Shell

Herbs & Spices

Herbs are not only loaded with vitamins, but they also possess potent medicinal properties. Some to pay attention to are nettle, echinacea, ginger, turmeric, basil, marigold, and ginkgo Biloba.

Others: algae, fungi, ACV

Products derived from animals and other sources are among other superfoods that are loaded with proteins, vitamins, and minerals. The top sources are fatty fish, bee pollen, honey, royal jelly, algae, fungi, and apple cider vinegar.

Top 10 Superfoods for Health

1. Blueberries

The primary benefit of blueberries is the high level of antioxidants they contain and the ability they possess to fight oxidative stress in the body. Numerous studies tout blueberries health benefits and show improved cognitive function, blood pressure, mobility, cholesterol, and more. Blueberries are also one of the best superfoods for weight loss and energy.

Yerba mate consists of many beneficial plant nutrients including polyphenols, saponins, xanthines, and caffeoyl derivatives. Curiously, Yerba Mate is slightly higher in its antioxidant composition than. Yerba mate can boost energy, improve, physical performance, may protect against, and boosts the ??

2. Coconuts

Coconut oil is different from most other dietary fats and oils in both physical and chemical composition. It is made predominantly of medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs), which are absorbed with more ease and less digestive effort than other fats. They also burn quickly to provide energy and boost metabolism. As a whole, coconuts are quite amazing for their diverse use and benefits. Coconut oil has antimicrobial effects, protects hair, skin, and teeth, boosts brain function, contains healthy fatty acids, and may contribute to heart health.

3. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are one of the world’s best sources of specific important nutrients, calorie for calorie. One ounce of chia seeds has over 25% of the RDI of manganese, magnesium, and phosphorus and is only 137 calories, which includes 11 grams of fiber. Chia seeds are loaded with antioxidants, which fight oxidative stress and contribute to aging. Chia seeds are high in ALA and EPA omega-3 fatty acids can help you lose weight, and are high in nutrients needed for bone health.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar is a natural cleansing agent and is touted by many as a healing elixir for its antimicrobial, antibacterial,  and antioxidant effects. Its acidic nature helps improve digestive ailments, can reduce or kill harmful bacteria, boosts weight loss, and helps lower blood sugar levels. Furthermore, by improving digestion, apple cider vinegar encourages healthy skin, lower inflammatory levels, and improved metabolic function.

5. Cocoa

Cocoa is regarded most for its abundant level of polyphenols, which can lower blood pressure, improve cholesterol, and reduce blood sugar levels. Of all the superfoods for health out there, cocoa is one of the richest sources of polyphenols. Polyphenols can also boost brain function and blood flow to the brain. Among its heart and brain health benefits, cocoa also boosts mood, can control weight gain and can improve symptoms of asthma.

6. Reishi

Mushrooms are an interesting product of nature and are loaded with an endless list of benefits. Among those for reishi are antiviral, antibacterial, and antifungal properties. Reishi boosts the immune system, increases white blood cell count, has anti-inflammatory properties, can help manage stress, and boosts mood.

7. Green Tea

We don’t need to tell you that green tea is loaded with benefits, that’s a known fact nowadays. We will, however, tell you just what those benefits are. In short, green tea can improve brain function, reduce fat loss, protect against cancer, and promote heart health. Green tea contains constituents that give it medicinal properties that protect against free radicals, aging, and inflammation. Green tea may also improve heart health, brain health, and help you live longer.

8. Rooibos Tea

Rooibos tea is a fermented herbal tea also known as red tea or red bush tea. The non-fermented version is called green rooibos and also touts many health benefits. Rooibos tea is low in tannins, caffeine-free, and contains no oxalic acid, making it an ideal tea for anyone paying special care to their kidneys. Like many other superfoods, rooibos tea is packed with antioxidants, can boost heart health, and may be beneficial for those with type 2 diabetes.

9. Turmeric

Turmeric is one of the best superfoods for women’s health with numerous studies showing how effective it is as a superfood supplement with medicinal properties. While some superfoods benefits are in their antioxidant content, turmeric increases the antioxidant capacity of the body – dramatically. It has been linked to improved brain function, reduced risk of brain and heart disease, fights depression, improves arthritis, and may delay age-related chronic diseases. Wild Turmeric is also an excellent superfood supplement for joint health.

Spoonfuls Of Turmeric And Ginger

10. Yerba Mate

Yerba mate consists of many beneficial plant nutrients including polyphenols, saponins, xanthines, and caffeoyl derivatives. Curiously, yerba mate is slightly higher in its antioxidant composition than green tea. Yerba mate can boost energy, improve mental focus, enhance physical performance, may protect against infections, and boosts the immune system.

How to Use Superfoods

Superfoods will be the most nutrient-dense in their original, raw state. If using superfood supplements, look into their processing mechanisms, as the nutritional content can be significantly reduced in many modern processing techniques.

Adding superfoods to your diet is quite simple, to be honest. Many of the most nutritious superfoods can be added to dishes you already eat. No need to go create new, elaborate recipes. Unless you want to, that is. Below are some easy ways to get some extra nutrition in your diet by using superfoods.

Superfood Supplements

Superfood supplements are going to be versions of superfoods that are somewhat in their natural form, but not quite. For example, our organic superfoods powder Wild Cocoa Powder or Wild Turmeric Caps (which is one of the top superfood supplements for joint health).

The primary benefit of superfood supplements is their ease of use. They often come in capsule or powder form, making them easy to drink with a glass of water or can be added to smoothies and coffee.

Keep in mind that not all superfood supplements and powders are created equal. Organic superfood powder benefits will almost always trump the non-organic options. Looking into manufacturing practices and company transparency are sure-fire ways to ensure you get yourself a premium product.

Superfood Shakes

A superfood shake or smoothie is no different than a regular shake or smoothie, it just has the added benefit of nutrient-dense superfoods in the mix as well.

You can easily add blueberries, mushroom powder, chia seeds, hemp seeds, coconut oil, or coconut milk to any shake or smoothie to boost the nutritional content. One of our personal favorites to add is cocotropic, a superfood blend with maca, turmeric, and mushroom powders that are loaded with nutrition.

If you’re someone who skips coffee in the morning and opts for a smoothie or shakes instead, a great addition is to add Matcha. Matcha is a fine powder made from stone-ground green tea leaves with sustained energy and a fantastic superfood powder for smoothies.

Superfood Dish Additions

As previously stated, the most simple and easy way to get more nutrition into your diet is to simply add it to dishes you are already consuming.

Making a yogurt bowl for breakfast? Add acai and coconut milk as the base and top with hemp and chia seeds, sprinkle on some mushroom powder and blueberries, and voila. Your yogurt just went from basic to boss status.

If cooking with superfoods, make sure to keep the heat low or use them as a finisher. Their raw, unadulterated state will always have the most powerful impact on the body.

You can add turmeric or mushroom powder to ground meat dishes. You can make soups with coconut milk as the base. You can make homemade dressings with apple cider vinegar

The possibilities are endless. Just pull a few things out you want to add to some dishes and get creative. If your dish turns out subpar, you know better for next time. The superfoods won’t judge and neither will we.

Wild Superfoods

At Wild Foods, we’re all about premium, high quality, nutritionally dense ingredients, which is why we carry so many superfood ingredients. Below is a compiled list, broken into easy to navigate categories of our current line up of superfoods. Most, if not all of these, can be easily incorporated into your daily life to increase stamina, cognition, focus, reduce inflammation, boost immunity, and support the body on your journey to health and longevity.

Superfood Teas


Wild Matcha is a fine powder made from stone-ground green tea leaves. By ingesting the entire tea leaf, you get 100% of the nutrients locked inside the green tea leaves. Wild Matcha is a superfood powder for smoothies, shakes, or lattes and one of the best superfood supplements for weight loss.


Guayusa is brewed like traditional tea but is not related to tea.  It comes from the holly tree, as does Yerba Mate. A cup of Guayusa has almost as much caffeine as a cup of coffee and has twice the amount of antioxidants in green tea. This makes guayusa an excellent candidate for superfoods for weight loss and energy.

Thai G

Thai G is a Green Rooibos tea with ginger, lemongrass, and lime. It is a not-so-common green rooibos tea—unfermented—and has more antioxidants than traditional red (fermented) Rooibos. Thai G can help alleviate digestive issues, soothe nausea, and relax the body and mind before bed.

Curr Berr

The antioxidant level of the three berries in Wild Tea #6 makes this tea our most potent inflammation-fighting tea. It is bright red when brewed and has a smooth berry flavor with a bit of tang. Curr Berr is a great tea for any time of the day to give you an extra dose of Wild nutrition to help you recover and repair while providing an overall health boost.

Coconut Chai

Coconut Chai is a red rooibos tea with cinnamon, ginger, coconut flakes, and a dash of crushed chili and safflower. It Improves circulation via a potent antioxidant called chrysoeriol. It can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, improve digestion, and overall gut health via the high concentration of flavonoids–specifically one called quercetin.


Cocoa Powder

Wild Cocoa Powder is an organic superfoods powder that is non-alkalized, grown, and processed using hand-crafted artisan techniques without the use of chemicals, solvents, or harsh high-heat processes. The high-altitude climate where the beans are grown and harvested produces a quality of cocoa powder that is superior to cocoa made from cacao grown in more humid climates like Africa. The cacao pods are picked by hand from the wild and processed nearby on small family farms.


Cocotropic is a superfood blend with maca, cocoa, reishi, Chaga, and turmeric powder. It is a perfect superfood powder for smoothies. Cocotropic is a nutritionally dense and mentally potent superfood blend that supports cognition, focus, immunity, mood enhancement, and general relaxation. This all-natural, dairy-free creamy powder blend is extremely versatile and can be added to dessert recipes, coffee, tea, smoothies, or your favorite superfood shakes.

Superfood Mushrooms

Lions Mane

Lions Mane gets its name from its mane-like appearance. Unlike your typical-looking mushroom, the lion’s mane has no cap or stem, rather it has the appearance of long spines that hang out like a mane of hair. Lion’s mane has been making a hit in the mental performance space due to its potent effects on the brain. Lion’s mane is said to increase the amount of NGF in the brain, a crucial protein for nerve cell function. (Study)


Reishi mushroom is one of the most popular medicinal mushrooms known for its adaptogenic properties. Reishi is packed with antioxidants and synergistic constituents that may protect against sleep disorders, fatigue, chronic infections, poor detoxification, inflammation, and can even promote body oxygenation!


Chaga is often revered for its health benefits. With one of the highest ORAC values of any food (that’s the measure of antioxidant content), Chaga has a few things going for it. It may have antiviral properties that could make it a defender in fighting off viruses. It has been shown to reduce inflammation and it may improve physical performance. Research shows potential anti-infectious disease protection on top of the immune-boosting effects.

Turkey Tail

Turkey Tail, unlike other types of mushrooms that require certain temperatures or certain types of trees to thrive, grows abundantly on dead and fallen trees, branches, and stumps. Turkey tail mushrooms may help to modulate the immune system, fighting infections, illness, and diseases, including those associated with the common cold or flu.


Cordyceps mushrooms are equipped with unique constituents that may make this powder exceptionally powerful at boosting athletic performance and libido, along with enhancing vitality and vigor, increasing energy, boosting health, detoxing the body, increasing oxygen uptake, and improving immune function. They are favored as an adaptogenic herb in Chinese medicine. Adaptogens are substances that promote bodily resistance to stressors and increase recovery time to life’s natural challenges.

Mushroom Blends

Power Shrooms is a trio blend of our Chaga, reishi, and cordyceps mushrooms. It can be added to baked recipes, coffee, tea, or superfood shakes.

Master Shrooms is a blend of our five premium mushrooms: Chaga, reishi, lion’s mane, turkey tail, and cordyceps. Alongside our cocotropic, this is a fantastic superfood powder for smoothies.


Wild Turmeric is an organic superfoods powder that is one of the best superfoods for women’s health. It is a part of our superfood supplements line up, but also comes in a powder version as well. Turmeric Root Powder has been used as a medicine and cooking spice throughout Asia for thousands of years. It is one of the most medicinally potent, anti-inflammatory foods on Earth. It is full of antioxidants, manganese, iron, vitamin B6, fiber, copper, and potassium. Turmeric’s nutritional content is also what makes it one of the best superfood supplements for weight loss.

Superfood Recipes

No-bake Matcha Energy Balls

A unique twist on how to use matcha in your kitchen and get a boost of superfoods for health.

Watermelon Berry Agua Fresca

Quite possibly the most refreshing summer drink you’ll ever happen across.

Apple Chia Jelly

A fast and easy, vegan, paleo jelly made with seasonal fruit and chia seeds!

Golden Milk

Made with our Wild Turmeric, golden milk is a superfood powder organic and nutritious.

Wild Foods Golden Milk

Nut butter Protein Shake

Superfood shakes are an easy way to level up your nutritional intake. Our nut butter cup protein shake is thick, creamy, delicious, and simple. This protein shake tastes naughty but packs lots of protein with moderate carbs. Perfect for post-workout recovery!

Strawberry Rose Floats

Beautiful, refreshing, and perfect for holiday weekends!

Wild Cocoa Butter Coffee

A dairy-free favorite for creamy decadent coffee that can assist in an intermittent fasting regimen or serve as a yummy fat-loaded stand alone.