Dear Wildling,

​​​​We are obsessed with our Wild Mission. We use quality ingredients to spread the importance of Real Food Nutrition and ancestral principles of health. This matters to you and your family because these principles are the epicenter of your long term health and development. Food is one of the most impactful ways we interact with our environment. Here are a few quick tips to serve as reminders of what eating a Real Food diet is:

  • Eat real foods that are as close to nature as possible
  • ​Prepare raw ingredients yourself, at home, and control the salt/oils/cooking process 100%
  • ​Avoid sugar and grains
  • ​Avoid seed oils
  • ​Buy local as much as possible. That’s it! This simple list can give you the body and health of your dreams as well as YEARS of it into the future. I hope you’ll spend time on this list as well as teach it to your kids. If we can help in any way whatsoever, please let me know.

Yours in Health,

Colin Stuckert

Founder/CEO, Wild Foods Co