Harvested in high-altitude mountain regions these mushrooms are often used to assist in helping modulate the immune system and reduce inflammation. These mushrooms are native to Europe, Asia, and North America, but can be found all over the world within woodland environments, growing on dead logs. These mushrooms are called Turkey Tail due to their brown and tan rings that mimic the tail of a turkey.
Turkey Tail mushrooms have been researched extensively for their medicinal properties and are known to be the best functional foods and mushrooms around.
People have been using mushrooms for centuries to remedy various illnesses and maladies. They have been chopped, ground, chewed, boiled, brewed into tea, and mixed into food, to help with everything from the common cold to fatigue.

Turkey Tail Mushroom Benefits

There are many benefits when it comes to consuming and incorporating Turkey Tail into your daily diet. Here are some of those benefits.

Known to Prevent and Treat the Common Cold and Flu

Turkey Tail helps your immune system to become more resilient against ill-causing germs by modulating the immune system, helping to fight infections, and build up a tolerance to illness and disease.

This mushroom has strong anti-viral and anti-microbial properties that allow your immune system to become stronger and build up resilience against such illness and disease.

Enhances Your Overall Gut Health

By improving gut bacteria composition and reducing inflammation both internally and externally. Turkey Tail mushrooms consist of prebiotics and anti-inflammatory properties, which help nourish good bacteria and reduce potentially harmful bacteria.

Having a healthy gut improves intestinal symptoms (like diarrhea), enhances the immune system, reduces cholesterol levels, lowers the risk of certain cancers, and improves digestion.

Reduces the Risk of Diabetes

By lowering the level of glucose in the body, the consumption of Turkey Tail mushrooms decreased the glucose concentration in the blood and decreased weight gain.

Another way Turkey Tail reduces the risk of diabetes is by helping regulate blood sugars throughout the body by reducing insulin resistance.

Known to Aid in the Treatment of the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

HPV is an infection that within two months of consuming Turkey Tail mushroom extract can be cleared up. Turkey Tail has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that have been sought after for medicinal reasons for generations.

Aids in Digestion

Mycelium (part of the mushroom) is what contributes to a smoother digestion process. The prebiotic properties of the mushroom assist in the microbiome, meaning it helps grow good bacteria within the body.

Is Packed with Antioxidants

Antioxidants are compounds that help inhibit or reduce damage caused by oxidative stress, which results from an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals. An imbalance between the two can cause cellular damage, internal inflammation, and developing health conditions (such as certain cancers and heart disease).

Being rich in antioxidants, has many benefits including the aid in protection from the sun, blocking harmful free radicals, and being rich in Vitamin E.

Supports Many Chronic Diseases

Turkey Tail mushrooms are known for helping to reduce the risk of illnesses ranging from autoimmune conditions, HIV, AIDS, type 2 diabetes, heart disease, liver disease, digestive disorders, and other degenerative diseases due to the richness in healthful antioxidants.

Known to Aid Patients with HIV/AIDS

Turkey Tail has antibacterial and antioxidant properties that have been proven to be beneficial in treating patients with HIV/AIDS.

Contains Immune Boosting Properties

These powerful immune-boosting properties are protein-bound polysaccharides, which increase the production of monocytes – white blood cells that fight infection and boost immunity.

Improves the Immune Function Within Cancer Patients & Enhances the Efficiency of Certain Cancer Treatments

As mentioned before, Turkey Tail mushrooms help to build the immune system making it stronger. The stronger the immune system, the better your body can fight against deadly cancer cells, and cancer patients can withstand chemotherapy much better. This makes Turkey Tail potent cancer-fighting food.

Turkey Tail mushrooms also contain properties that promote anti-tumor activity on cancer cells. These properties inhibit the growth and spread of human colon cancer cells, as well as breast cancer and gastric cancer cells. The combination of conventional treatments and 1–3.6 grams of turkey tail mushroom per day has significant survival advantages.

Helps Protect the Liver

Turkey Tail’s antibacterial and antioxidant properties help protect one of our most important organs: the liver.

The liver protects, purifies, and produces important hormones, enzymes, and antibodies for important systems throughout our bodies, making it a key player to our immune system.

Is Known to Help Improve Athletic Performance

By improving exercise performance and reducing fatigue. It has also proven to lower blood sugar levels when at rest and post-exercise.

Ways to Use Turkey Tail

Here are the ways to add Turkey Tail to your diet.

  • Fresh
  • Cooked
  • Turkey Tail Extract (in the form of a powder, but are more potent than simple     turkey tail powders)
  • Turkey Tail Powder
  • Turkey Tail Tincture (a liquid format)

Wild Foods Turkey Tail Recipes

Since Turkey Tail mushrooms have such a mild taste to them, you can add them to anything! Here are some of our favorites to incorporate our Wild Shroom #3 Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder!

Turkey Tail Mushroom Tea Recipe

8 ounces Hot Water

½ tsp Wild Shroom #3 Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder

3 slices Lemon

½ tsp Raw Honey

½ tsp Cinnamon pinch of Wild Turmeric Powder, optional

Splash of Almond or Coconut Milk, optional

  1. Combine Wild Shroom, Lemon slices, Honey, and Wild Turmeric Powder in a cup.
  2. Heat water until steaming.
  3. Pour it into the cup and cover to steep for 3 minutes.
  4. Stir and sprinkle with cinnamon. Enjoy!

Turkey Tail Mushroom Coffee

8 ounces of Medium Roast Coffee

½ – 1 tsp Wild Shroom #3 Turkey Tail Mushroom Extract Powder

2 – 3 Wild Cocoa Butter Wafers

Dash of MCT Oil

  1. Brew your coffee.
  2. Add in the Turkey Tail, Cocoa Butter Wafers, and MCT Oil.
  3. Stir. Enjoy!

Mushrooms are a favorite among many people for their taste. But it is often unknown that they have been sought after for their medicinal values. Not only do they add nutritional value and flavor, but they add many health benefits as well.

Commonly Asked Questions

What does Turkey Tail mushroom taste like?

It has a mild taste and is considered rather chewy.

What are the side effects of Turkey Tail?

Diarrhea darkened stools and darkened nail pigmentation have been reported. Turkey tail products have been safely consumed at doses of 1-3 grams per day for up to 10 years in cancer patients.

Is Turkey Tail good for cancer?

Turkey Tail has been shown to significantly extend survival at five years or beyond in cancers of the stomach, colon/rectum, esophagus, and lung in Japanese trials since 1970. What makes these mushroom compounds so unique and useful is that they can be combined with conventional treatments like chemo.

Is Turkey Tail good for dogs?

This holistic approach can benefit all dogs, or cats for that matter, in a variety of ways, according to Petta. First off, the turkey tail contains beta-glucan polysaccharides, which may help to reduce bacterial infections.

What is the best way to use Turkey Tail?

We recommend adding it to your morning coffee, daily smoothie, or even mixing it into your dinner. Turkey Tail has minimal taste, so you can add it to everything!

How is Turkey Tail extracted? Are there chemicals used?

Turkey Tail is extracted using water, no chemicals. It is triple water extracted.

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