Though much maligned by health experts, salt is really important to the human body. Man first discovered that salt made things easier to eat and preserved foodstuffs over an extended period. However, as science and study improved, it became simpler to see how salt was good for the human body itself.

Man first drew salt from the sea, and people still do so today. Why should you go for sea salt as opposed to refined table salt?

First up it should be mentioned sea salt can be both refined and unrefined when you go for coarse sea salt you can be sure you will get salt that has undergone very little processing compared to table salt. What does this get you?

More Trace Minerals

Fewer processes mean that the sea salt retains a lot of the trace minerals and nutrients that formed it in the seas and oceans. In the case of sea salt, these include sodium, chloride, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, phosphorus, bromine, boron, zinc, iron, manganese, copper, and silicon.

More Natural Taste

You may have gotten used to the taste of refined table salt by now, but the taste of sea salt has been described as more natural. The qualities of sea salt make it valuable as a natural cooking flavoring, not to mention a healthier alternative.

Before you dismiss salt, remember that it is so essential to the human body that through the millennia our tongues have evolved to include a part dedicated to detecting the taste of salt exclusively. That’s how much we need it. 

How Does Salt Benefit the Body?

It helps your brain and nervous system function properly.

You may already know the central nervous system controls your body through electrical signals. However, did you know those signals depend on how much salt you have in your body? Salt is a natural conductor and improves electric signals, the more salt you have, the better this body system will function. 

It Helps You Process Food Better

After every meal our stomach takes charge of breaking food down into the nutrients absorbed by our body. It needs stomach acid to do this, and hydrochloric acid makes up most of the stomach acid. If we don’t have enough stomach acid, a lot of nutrients can’t be extracted from the food we eat, and they end up flushed out of our bowels. Salt has chloride which is an essential ingredient in hydrochloric acid.  

It Balances Your Electrolytes

An electrolyte is a substance that produces an electrically conducting solution after it is dissolved in water. All higher life forms need electrolytes to be able to function properly. In our bodies electrolytes have many important functions like making sure that fluid levels inside and outside the cells are balanced, regulating the heartbeat, and allowing the muscles to contract. Calcium, sodium, potassium, and phosphates are some examples of electrolytes.

It Helps Keep Us Hydrated

When you sweat you lose water and salt, but when you drink to replace the water purportedly, you are only replacing the water you lost, not the salt. If this keeps up, you will end up getting dehydrated even though you are getting enough water.

Taking salt with that water will make sure you get back the salt you lost.