​​True Coffee Lover’s—have you ever savored that first sip of coffee so much that you practically wish you could bathe in it? Well, you can! After you’ve brewed your morning pot of caffeinated goodness, don’t throw those grounds away just yet…it’s time to treat your skin, and turn them into a spa-worthy facial and body scrub!

Whether you’re waking up to your coffee maker’s timer clicking on and filling your home with the invigorating aroma of coffee wafting through the air, or you’re meeting up with friends in the afternoon for a chat over a cup of joe, coffee is part of our lives. It invigorates us, inspires us, soothes us, and gives us something to have in common—even with strangers.

A Cup Of Coffee For Your Face?

Well, on your face at least. In fact, your skin overall. The epidermis (upper or outer layer of the two main layers of cells making up the skin) benefit from exfoliation. Getting rid of dead skin cells can result in a healthy glow. Here are some of the main reasons why your skin might just appreciate a coffee date:

Besides exfoliation that reveals a fresh layer of healthy skin, choosing to exfoliate (or scrub) with coffee grounds can improve circulation due to the massaging involved.

Possibly because of the caffeine triggering a lipolytic effect on fat cells, you may notice after a good body scrub using coffee grounds, that cellulite appears smoother and your skin is firmer.

Since chronic inflammation may contribute to many diseases, reducing inflammation in the body is often an on-going effort. Did you know that beyond the antioxidants it contains, coffee also has polyphenols and other anti-inflammatory compounds?

If you struggle with looking tired and feel like you have the eyes of a raccoon, try a coffee facial to rid yourself of dark circles. The caffeine may increase the microcirculation of blood in your skin, it can push stagnant blood from your fatigued eyes and offer a more alert look, sans the dark circles.

Studies are being done on the fantastic benefits of coffee and its use in warding off skin cancer. NCBI noted that the topical application of caffeine has a sunscreen effect, enhances UVB-induced apoptosis, and maybe good for inhibiting the formation of sunlight-induced skin cancer.

Another skin condition that may particularly benefit from coffee is rosacea. It’s a condition that presents as a pink or red discoloration, with small bumps that sometimes may look a bit like acne.

A Harvard article discusses how those drinking a significant amount of coffee per day were less likely to report a diagnosis of rosacea than those who drank little or no coffee. The same article mentions how great coffee can be for reductions in type 2 diabetes and liver cancer as well.​

Oh, and your scalp may enjoy some java too! You can mix some of those brewed grounds into your hair conditioner before use. Scrub it in for a few moments and not only will it feel nice, but the caffeine may also help stimulate hair growth as well. (If you’re looking to darken your hair naturally, a coffee scalp scrub—or soak—might just highlight those locks for you without the chemicals from a salon dye.)

​So coffee isn’t just a ritual that satisfies a caffeine need or provides us with a consoling “break time” refreshment we look forward to, it also offers the potential for skin support and healthier complexions!

​​Wild Coffee Scrub Recipe

​So after you’ve ground the beans, brewed and enjoyed your Wild cup of coffee deliciousness, it’s now time to take those grounds and mix up a rejuvenating scrub. Here’s how:



Stir ingredients together. Store in an airtight container. Gently massage scrub onto the skin when ready to use, then rinse clean.

Coffee is just one of those sensational ingredients you can enjoy in so many different ways. Thanks to its antioxidants, the boost it gives us from the caffeine, the shared fondness we have in common with a stranger, or the many ways it can help our skin—coffee is one of those substances that are worth going Wild over!