Colin Stuckert

Obsessed with the truisms of health, Colin lives his life based on the "Ancestral Mindset." By understanding our evolutionary past, he believes we can reverse our failing health through a consciously designed lifestyle based on our ancestral past and not what profit and politically driven "experts" recommend.

He is on a mission to save as many people as possible from the dangerous dogma promoted by bad science, big pharma, and big food.

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Brent Philbin

Brent's got exactly one goal in life - to never take himself too seriously. When he's not cracking jokes, he's created quite the resume. Brent's career has included everything from being a professional poker player, to casino management, to being a speaker at conferences across the globe. Brent's been to 31 countries and counting, and has spent over 150 nights at sea on cruise ships. Traveling is at his core, and it comes easily, whether it's sleeping in hostels or relaxing at the spa of the nicest hotels in Las Vegas.

Brent's Wild Foods journey started at the beginning of 2019, and he's planning to use this amazing head shot as a "before" picture because he's taking his health seriously. You can hear him weekly alongside Colin on the Ancestral Mind podcast.

Wild Operations

When she’s not at home relaxing on the beaches of the Cayman Islands, Nicole is exploring everything life has to offer in the United States. She is passionate about traveling, healthcare technology, and helping others, which makes her the first person you'd reach out to with any questions or concerns. Nicole moved out to Austin, TX in search of the ultimate startup experience. Since then, she’s found herself working alongside our Wild CEO.

One day she hopes to apply this learning experience to better assist her in driving efficient and effective change in the healthcare industry. Whether she is paddle boarding, hiking, or even studying for her Master's degree, Nicole will always find time to help you with your Wild Foods needs.

Matt Smith
Wild Content Creator

​Starting from a small town to going to school at Penn State, Matt has always been fascinated in creating various forms of art. He decided to stray away from the east and pursue his life-long passion, conquering many obstacles that has fueled his success along the way. Whether it is photographing his friends, or capturing cranes building high-rises, there is not a day that passes where Matt does not have his camera handy.

He is excited to see and document the growth and impact Wild Foods will have towards people and their everyday lives.

Wild Content Crew

Lidan was born and raised in Houston, Texas. By the age of 19, he decided it was time for a change and moved to Austin with no job, little money, and knowing nobody. Shortly after, he found Wild Foods - a place that shares his passion for nutrition and a health conscious lifestyle. Lidan is a huge basketball and football fan. He loves hiking, playing basketball, going out and listening to local bands, and wildlife.

Wild Podcast Manager

​Born and raised in Athens, Greece, Jason Kyriakos is the only native European of the group! Having worked with Brent and the CryptoBasic Podcast crew for a long time before Wild Foods, he was happy to come on board as the in-house podcast editor when the offer was made to him. Everything we record in the Wild Studio is sent to him, and with great care he utilizes his audio engineering skills to deliver the best quality possible to our listeners.

When not editing, Jason is usually making music, listening to music, and reading about music. He loves traveling around his special homeland of Europe, and he's equally passionate about its politics as he is for its wilderness.

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