Cocotropic Smoothie Bowl | Reishi, Chaga, Maca and More

Watch to learn how to make a beautiful smoothie bowl using Cocotropic.

Cocotropic is the incredibly delicious blend of our best-selling organic Wild Chocolate with ​reishi and ​Chaga ​mushroom extracts, ​raw ​maca powder, and Wild Turmeric.

​This amazing blend of non-GMO super herbs are not only known for their disease-fighting properties, but are natural cognitive enhancers that help the brain with concentration, aiding in the mood improvement, and general relaxation.

So, instead of taking countless pills to enhance mood and mental performance, enjoy brain-boosting compounds on your terms—blended with antioxidant-rich, organically grown Wild Cocoa Powder is an all-natural, creamy dairy-free ​powder blend that’s extremely versatile. (And did we mention delicious?!) Grab a bag!

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