Keto Chipotle Bowl Recipe | Homemade With Simple Ingredients

​Logan from and @KetoLikeJamie (Jamie Stuckert) is on a mission to share the simplest and quickest keto and paleo recipes to help you on your health journey.

Today they’re making a keto version of Chipotle’s delicious bowl bursting with Mexican spices and lots of flavors​.

​We now ​carry a super convenient Wild Bone Broth Powder, which can be​ combined with water for some quick, nutritious bone broth, ​that’s​ always ready to use and enjoy! So grab that, and the Wild Pink Salt they used right ​in our Wild Shop.

​We hope you all love this recipe and be sure to let us know if you make this yummy Homemade Keto Chipotle goodness.

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